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alhexander Scriptwright

Hello everyone, this game its too similar to Dragon of Atlantis, the same game structure and ideas, who anyone create a too similar Power Tools? the link of the game its only on kabam website, not for facebook.

Len Harvey User

Yes, I would also like someone to code a script for this. :-) It would be very popular as the game seems to be going viral.

Harli User

this game is taking off.... it seems that some players are already using a script.....dont know where they got it from.. but they are not sharing

boombot User

people are gaining 300k power in a day they must be using a script anyone found one yet?

envy2u User

i agree completely is going to be very popular!

Valkoriam User

If a script is done for thirst of night could someone please let me know?
I love DoA, but starting to really like ToN. Though I've noticed that many are growing in power very quickly, They have to be using a script! I would love to have one to equal out the playing field.

Thank you.

CleoBliss User

I really hope somebody is working on this, i would be really happy with a script :)

Just building and attacking would be enough :)

CleoBliss User


ponyta70 Scriptwright

lol just because people are gaining power quickly doesn't mean they are using a script....ever heard of ruby buyers???

Severine K. User

Oh Yes PLEASE a script for Thirst of night would be Awesome!!!!!! even just for build and wave and attack. no fancy stuff.

RufLuv User

i too would be interested in a script for this game. even if it were just for leveling buildings, and training troops... kinda hard to do the math to see how much time you have total in training, when they dont show you how long everything takes to train when you look at the in training tab

erika1iruh User

I am interested in this script too

kmz User

hey guys, just saw this topic and registered here to let you know i'm currently in the process of developing a simple Chrome extension for this game with setting time/interval to do actions..

I assume the first thing we'll need is to be able to set up intervals of attacking x-y coordinates (red blood camps, capitals etc.), so i'm doing that first, if time permits i may be automating other stuff too

i'll let you know in a few days how it goes
ps: the script will be free :)

Michael Darling User

yeah!!! thanks kmz, i been recording macros with my mouse and keyboard to semi automate it,

but it always gets stuck with "general already selected" or if the mouse moves.

have to monitor it pretty closely. I look forward to this chrome addon.

thank you in advance for the time and thought.

ryan123 User

Michael, I assume your using either autohotkey or autoit to do your automating, look into image searching. Use it to recognize wehn you have a problem and click refresh.

emdeexushen User

I want to play.

Thescripter User

I found this called Thirst of Night Player Finder - - from the makers of The Book Of Oracle

Kabazzled Scriptwright

Hi all. There is a script already (many things free, advanced paid features) for ToN at It supports all things, like multi-level upgrade of buildings, deletion without needing "Instant Raze", multi-level researches, multi-troop training and attacks.

Automatically attacking all cells in your neighborhood, and managing your jobs (some are more priority and others are less priority etc...) are advanced features available at 10$ per month. So many people already gained lots of in-game speedups using the auto-attack feature. People gained to the order of 200-300 speedups there.

mrdiggles User

I have been licked out of my game due to all my generals being locked up and no way to retrieve them from using your script and then you don't even reply to email or message to fix the problem.

Jefferson Scher Scriptwright

@mrdiggles, most script authors do not read these general forums. For a quicker response, I suggest the following: find that script's page on the site (the search on the Scripts tab searches in scripts) and use the Discussions tab there to contact the author.