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SongMutt User

Found this in the forums and thought it would be helpful to those who are having this issue. uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate is only valid for,

(Error code: ssl_error_bad_cert_domain)

This error is actually caused by facebook itself in combination with Akamai Technologies Inc which is a company that facebook uses to connect to users all over the web.
Kabam is just stuck in the happened a couple times last year when facebook did upgrades and made changes...

It can easily be fixed in FireFox
In FireFox click on Tools–>Options–>Advanced–>Encryption
On the encryption page make sure both protocols are selected
(*)USE SSL 3.0 and (*)USE TLS 1.0

Then click
View Certificates–>then click on Servers–>then click [Add exception]
Now you are at the input Location page::
So in the bar type in (be sure to have the HTTPS://)in front of the location you type in....
then click [Get Certificate]

FF will search for the certificate and you will see the posting that says:::
{this site attempts to identify itself with invalid information}
Wrong site
[certificate belongs to a different site which could indicate an identity theft]

(((dont get excited about the says that because Facebook(the host) is using a SSL certificate issued to Akamai Technologies Inc.))))
You can Click on [VIEW] and you can see all the information about the certificate...

Then put a check in the box that says (Permanently Store Exception).
Then click [Confirm Security Exception]

This should allow your browser to recognize the certificates from
that facebook is using...

In basic terms Facebook is using Akamai Technologies Inc servers to connect all over the web so Akamai allows Facebook to use Akamai's SSL Certificates for certain apps/sites ect and sometimes your browser Alerts to Facebook using SSL Certificates that are not issued directly to Facebook and the browser sees it as a security error thus it stops the connection...

The same fix can be done in other browsers like Internet Explorer or Chrome following the steps for those specific browsers....

An Even faster fix is to open the security settings in your facebook page and disable the Https: option
It works as well...

chrisx User

My encryption page says i am using both certificates already and still getting it popping up.

Mikester User

Follow the REST of the Steps then Chrisx

Mystorica User

How bad would it be to re-open this discussion almost 1.5 yrs later? lol

The error message these days is "This Connection is Untrusted" and the Technical Details are... uses an invalid security certificate.
The certificate is only valid for *
(Error code: ssl_error_bad_cert_domain)

This has been plaguing me some of us for weeks now. :(

vectra User

Me too, I can't access some apps I've played before, as well as some new ones because of this

Mystorica User

Kabam is shrugging people off in the forums suggesting it's a problem on their (the users' end), but there's far too many folks out there who started having this problem at the exact same time. And I have no doubt it's probably related to more updates Facebook has done, but so many are being temporarily locked out of the game for hours on end each day. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Some tried using your method above by adding (with https:) in the exceptions, but it now returns this error...

Invalid URL
The requested URL "/fb/e2/src/main_src.php?g=M&y=0&n=organic&l=en_US&messagebox=&sp=MTM1ODUxMTkwN95J.VA.gr0ohDQ-&standalone=0&fbIframeOn=1&res=1&iframe=1&lang=en&ts=1358514654.617&s=361&appBar=&cts=1358514654296

", is invalid.

Reference #9.473de93f.1358514656.5195dc