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iLendSoft Scriptwright

Hey Enzyma..

Can you add Support into your Sidebar Chat Reversion for this script:

// ==UserScript==
// @name Facebook - Sidebar Disabler
// @namespace Facebook - Sidebar Disabler
// @description Facebook - Sidebar Disabler
// @include http*://www.facebook.com/*
// ==/UserScript==

function catchSidebar(){
//if the chatsidebar hasn't loaded yet
//wait until it has
//if the chat sidebar has loaded
unsafeWindow.ChatSidebar.enable = function(){
//hijack the chatsidebar enable function so that it isn't enabled on page load
return false;
unsafeWindow.ChatSidebar.isViewportCapable = function(){
//hijack the viewportcapable function (basically, this is a function that determines if the screen is large enough to display the sidebar)
return false;
//all we do, is return false, tricking facebook into thinking our window is too small for the sidebar, gf facebook :)


I don't remember, who wrote this script.
This fools the Browser into thinking you are using a smaller Resolution than supported..
You know, on smaller Notebook there is another Sidebar, than this sticky one..
i tried to use this script and your script, but it does not laod the friends.
at your script, an the beginning when loading the script, there is a bug you know.
the wall goes to the left, und jumps back to the original position..
a mashup of this and your script would remove the bug..

kind regards..

btw.. look at my script: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/110548

iLendSoft Scriptwright

ok.. i have self done it.. will be avaible in v2.0 in my script..