MobWars La Cosa Nostra Auto Help Helper (MWLCNAHH)

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I've completed work on a FireFox AddOn (sorry, no GreaseMonkey version for now) that will automatically help other mobs in Mob Wars La Cosa Nostra.

The link to download it is here: MobWars LCN Auto Help Helper 2.00a.xpi

This took a bit longer to put togethor then I expected... Actually 'helping' was easy, but reading the results was harder then expected.

Interest in this help helper will 'help' me gauge the interest in a full fledged script for La Cosa Nostra.

There isn't, currently, a lot that this script can do, because of the restrictions in the game. The game only allows helping any individual mob once every 6 hours, and a total of 6 helps in any 22 hours. But help requests are far between in the game right now, so this can save you from always having to check (just keep it running in the background).

And it has the same help blocking that is in the old Mob Wars heist helper, so if you know what help gives you the worst rewards, you can set it to not do those helps (I'd suggest a fair amount of 'pause' readiness to be sure you have it set up right, so that you don't waste any of the daily 6).

Based on feedback, this may include automatic punching (when a mob member asks their mob to punch an individual) in a future version.

To access/run this script, you must go to one of the following addresses. On either one, you can access your preferences and set things to run as you wish. or

It will only actively pursue helping while on your Mob Wars La Cosa Nostra news feed:

FireFox 3.5.6 is the suggested browser to use with this.

NOTE!!!!! This is not a free program. The cost is $4.95 for unlimited time, per profile.

Those who have purchased the Mob Wars Auto Heist Helper V1.00 can get this one for $3.95 (Either purchase using the included button, for $4.95, and then request a $1.00 refund (quickest setup). Or simply send $3.95 to directly (don't use the included button) with a note for what it is for (quickest $1.00 return))

EDIT: Link to the program was wrong in initial post. This is now corrected.