[Discontinued] - ProjectFreeTV 2 PopStream (Updated and working 2011-10-20)

By Popeen Last update Oct 20, 2011 — Installed 1,222 times.

Script Summary: Redirect Megavideo clips from Project Free TV to PopStream. (Bypass 72 minutes limit)

Version: 2.0

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PopStream is different from other Bypassing sites in 2 ways. First it has the ability to convert ?d= links to ?v= link, meaning that all megavideo links will work. This is something that 99% of the competition cant do. Secondly it does not stream any files from its own server. Instead it has the ability to stream from multiple other bypassing sites. So why would this make PopStream better then the sites it streams from you ask. Well its simple. First of all tha ability to stream ?d= links but also most bypassing sites seem to be unstable from time to time. Thats when popstream is good. If the first server is unstable you simply go to the next one, if its thesam you got to the third one and so on. If you know of a good bypassing site you think I should implement, please contact me at popeen[at]live.se This script redirects the megavideo hosted videos on Project Free TV to PopStream thereby bypassing the 72minutes timelimit

More info about PopStream on the startpage

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