By Hit HuntHeal Last update Dec 2, 2011 — Installed 1,006 times.

Script Summary: Mess with Mafia Mofo, with MofoMaster! Note: Mafia Mofo developer has decided to try to detect scripts by detecting greasemonkey. Mofomaster therefore has decided to move from Greasemonkey to it's own platform compiled as a full Firefox extension. Contact developer at the website listed below for more information!

This tool will help you with Mafia Mofo. Warning, the mofo dev is one that aggressively works against scripts! Use at your own risk. That said, the script comes with 5 days free use so you can try it out -- and then costs $5.00 per 30 days for continued use.

MofoMaster is under active development with features being added regularly.

See this website for contact information.