Travian3 Beyond - ML&CN Chrome

By Serj_LV Last update Mar 11, 2011 — Installed 72,487 times.

Script Summary: Travian3 Beyond - ML&CN CO2 (MultiLanguage & Center Numbers, Chrome and Opera Too)


Copyright: © Serj_LV 2010 © Black_Cat 2010 © ms99, 2008-2010 (parts of this script © Nux, Lux, onetmt, Velonis Petros, Richard Laffers, Szabka, Victor Garcia-aka Croc-)

License: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Germany License

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Only for versions: 2.5 - 3.6. Under version 4 not work.

Response to all saying that it is impossible to rewrite the beyond to work with chrome or opera.
Adaptation was done in a few hours.
Bugs have not been tracked. (But three founded bug are fixed and returned to the old styles when using a standard graphics package)

Adding new functions or rewriting for travian4 not planned. But if you will send me the patch, then I turn it on and publish.

Quick and dirty added support x2 and x5 servers.

Original authors: ms99 (Black_Cat, Nux, Lux, Szabka, Victor Garcia-aka Croc-)
Original script

2011-03-11 (Version: fix for new new travian server names. fixed styles (round fields). don't conflict with travian version 4.x
2011-01-22 (Version: fixed start on Chrome (return to Version: style)
2011-01-18 (Version: fixed map movement in Opera
2010-12-18 (Version: fixed for right to left servers
2010-12-15 (Version: another change in style big icons at the top. in extended graphics package now at the center.
2010-12-14 (Version: adjusting the display style resources. now no covers the villages.