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By viper123 Last update May 11, 2011 — Installed 37,773 times.

Script Summary: Search for players, alliances or cities using the built-in Ika Core search engine. Filter by player status, distance, luxury resource, townhall size or military score. Display the results on Ikariam world map. Export the results in CSV format to be used in spreadsheet applications.

Version: 1.1.2

License: GNU GPL v3 (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html), Copyright (c) 2010, bt_viper

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Script safety and disclaimer

This script is 100% written by the script author. The script does not contain any intentionally malicious code. It does not contain any references to external libraries. Thus it can be considered as safe as any script can be ;)

This script is not and never will be approved by Gameforge since it utilises the Ika Core database as the data source. As the script does only minimal interaction with the Ikariam game itself there is no chance of it being detected by the game operators. But you will still use it on your own risk.


Search for players, alliances or cities using the built-in Ika Core search engine. Filter by player status, distance, luxury resource, townhall size or military score. Display the results on a map interface. Export the results in CSV format to be used in spreadsheet applications.

Main Features

  • Search for alliances, players and cities
  • Filter by player status, distance, luxury resource, townhall size and military scoreNEW(1.1.0)
  • Use wildcards (%) in text searchesNEW(1.1.0)
  • Visualise search results on a Ikariam world map
  • Combine multiple search results into the same map
  • Two main map modes: Islands or Players
  • Four report aspects: Standard (non-scaled), Generals score, Total Score, Gold Amount
  • Color code results based on alliance.
  • Scale the map elements based on the cumulated score (generals, total score or gold)
  • Highlight inactive player or players on vacation
  • Show travel times from current own cityNEW (1.1.0)
  • Show mouse hoover preview of the selected item containing the full details
  • Navigate to city's island view either by clicking on the island square or by clicking on the island name in the preview
  • Versatile map interface
    • Resizable
    • Zoomable (when zooming with mouse wheel, the view is centered on mouse cursor location)
    • Pannable, either with mouse drag or with scroll bars
  • Script update availability indication
  • Export information to CSV (spreadsheet) and Theta Atiens World Map formats
  • Supports FireFox 3.6 and FireFox 4 NEW(1.1.1)


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Script places a treasure map icon to the top left corner of Ikariam main screen. Visual Map is opened by clicking on that icon.


  • You search by first defining the search criteria and then either by pressing the enter-key or clicking on the Search-button.
  • Different search criteria are combined using an AND-operation and you can use (almost) any combination. The only exception is that you must define either alliance, player or city.
  • With player and city you can use just the wildcard '%' to return everything and then add the other criteria as you see fit.
  • You can use the wildcard '%' also to make partial text matches eg. '%city%' to match for 'Marble city' or 'City of sulfur'.
  • Military score (low and high) must a number between 0 and 99999.
  • You can combine as many results on the same map as you want. Just select another search criteria and hit Search and the results will be added to the existing ones.

As an example to get all interesting and easy marble sources in the near vicinity you would define a search like:
player=%, status=inactive, distance=12, resource=marble, townhall size=8-any, military score=any-750

The Map

The search results are displayed on a map interface. By default it displays islands where your own cities are located. Red highlighting indicates the island where your selected city is located. This is set when opening the Visual Map and it is used for calculating the distances and travel times. It can be reset to another city by closing the map window, selecting the correct city and re-opening the map window.

Preview is displayed on the Preview pane when mouse cursor is placed on top of an map item. Preview displays either information about the cities on the chosen island or the selected player's info and city info. You can jump to an island by left clicking on the island square. This will navigate the original Ikariam browser window to the selected island view. You can also use the links in the Preview pane to navigate to city's island view.

The whole map window can be resized like any other window. The map can be zoomed using either the zoom +- -buttons in Map Settings or mouse wheel. Panning of the map is done either by dragging with mouse or using the scroll bars. Players on vacation or who are inactive can be highlighted on the map using the related check boxes in the Map Settings.

The default map main mode is 'Islands'. It displays the search results as islands with no scaling. Only islands which contain cities matching the search criteria are displayed. Each island will be coloured based on the alliance to which the owner of the city belongs to. If there are multiple alliances on the same island the coloured squares will be overlayed and since there is no scaling the squares will overlap each other completely. The other modes (Generals, Score, Gold) scale the island squares based on cumulated score for each alliance. In this case the center for the island squares is the same but the size usually differs. Larger squares are put to the bottom of the stack to enable proper previewing.

The other main map mode is 'Players'. It works just the same as the 'Islands' mode except that it displays only one square for each player. The square is displayed at the geographical center of player's cities.

Exporting information

The search results can be exported using the Export-button. It will open a new window which contains text areas for the different export contents:

  • Theta Atien's Alliance Map - Embassy Input format
  • Player data in CSV format
  • City data in CSV
Content in CSV format can be imported to spreadsheeting applications like MS Excel and charts etc. generated.

Firefox configuration (optional)

If you wish to get rid of the address and status bars when using Visual Map, modify the following Firefox configuration parameters:

  • dom.disable_window_open_feature.location = false
  • dom.disable_window_open_feature.status = false

To access the Firefox extended configuration parameters type "about:config" in the Firefox address field.

Explanation of calculation and visual scaling of data

Island reports

An individual square is drawn for each island where members of an alliance have cities. The size (area) of the square is based on the sum of each players' scores divided by the number of cities the player has. If a player has multiple cities on same island then it is counted multiple times on the island's value. Finally the resulting value is scaled based on the report aspect to get the size of the square: generals by 100, total score by 5k and gold 100k.

Player reports

An individual square is drawn for each player. The square is drawn at the average location of the player's cities. The size of the square is based directly on the player's score. Resulting value is scaled based on the report aspect to get the size of the square: generals by 100, total score by 5k and gold 100k. Note that in this case there is obviously no division of the value by the number of player's cities.


This script wouldn't exist without Ika Core and especially without the help from it's creator. So big thanks to Geo! Please contribute by using Ika Core Tools available here: http://www.ika-core.org/

Revision history

1.1.2 (11.05.2011)
  • Fix: Export not working with Firefox 4
1.1.1 (7.4.2011)
  • Fix/Feature: Support for Firefox 4, FF4 produced blank map window
1.1.0 (14.2.2011)
  • Feature: Added more search options (city, player status, distance, island luxury resource, townhall size, military score)
  • Feature: Own islands displayed by default highlighting the island used in the distance calculations
  • Feature: Show travel times preview pane (from selected own city)
  • Feature: Search status displayed in the status bar
  • Notice: 15 distinctly coloured alliances supported, anything over this will be coloured gray
1.0.5 (13.1.2011)
  • Feature: Export information to CSV (spreadsheet import) and Theta Atiens Map Tool formats.
  • Feature: New fields added to preview: Player status, luxury resource of island
  • Fix: Autoupdate should use meta.js instead of user.js. Produces incorrect download counts.
1.0.4 (20.12.2010)
  • Feature: Island squares also act as links to island view
  • Feature: New report types: Island and Player. Fixed size squares for clearer display.
  • Feature: Automatic check for script updates. Update button visible when update available.
1.0.3 (26.11.2010)
  • Feature: All city names in preview act as links to city's island view.
1.0.2 (24.11.2010)
  • Change: New look and feel for the UI
1.0.1 (23.11.2010)
  • Feature: Keyboard 'enter' activates search
  • Feature: Zoom map with mouse wheel, zoom centers on mouse cursor location
  • Change: Visual Map icon as an inline smaller image
1.0.0 (22.11.2010)
  • Feature: Status bar at the bottom which contains statistics on the shown data
  • Change: Unlimited zoom with proper view location maintanance
  • Feature: Pan the map by dragging with mouse
0.0.5 (21.11.2010)
  • Feature: Player status and city townhall size added to preview
  • Feature: Selectable highlighting of inactive/vacation status
  • Feature: New report types: "Islands - Gold", "Players - Generals", "Players - Score", "Players - Gold"
0.0.4 (20.11.2010)
  • Feature: Preview formatting enhanced
  • Feature: Color coded legend of displayed alliances
  • Change: Maximum supported number of alliances is changed from 10 to 15
  • Fix: UI elements flicker when opening the window
0.0.3 (18.11.2010)
  • Feature: Zoom-selection (1-4x)
  • Feature: Search by player name
  • Feature: Added two basic reports "Islands - Generals", "Islands - Score"
  • Feature: More information fields for mouse over preview (alliance, score, gold)
  • Feature: Resizable map window
  • Feature/fix: Smaller items placed on top of larger ones to gain mouse hover access
0.0.2 (17.11.2010)
  • First release