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Script Summary: Utilities and bug fixes for Kingdoms of Camelot on Facebook

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Utilities for Kingdoms of Camelot on Facebook.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Power Tools is intended for use with KOC Power BOT. Automated functions like map search and posting to alliance chat have been removed from Power TOOLS and added to Power BOT
If you are new to using Grease Monkey scripts, please see the 'How do I use this?' link below the Green install button at the top.

Overview tab: Shows an overview of stats for each city. Updates in real-time. Screencap is here.

Encamped tab: Shows you the exact number of troops (and knights) encamped in each of your embassies

Info tab: A quick-reference of various stats and a simple distance calculator.

Players tab: Search for players and/or alliance members. Sort list of alliance members by various parameters including distance from your cities.

Knights tab: Show stats about all your knights and EASILY assign skill points.

Wilds tab: Show stats about all your wildernesses and EASILY set traps and mercenary levels.

Options tab: Allows you to enable/disable various features and KofC bug fixes!
    KofC bug fixes:
    • Fix tower alert to show exact target. If it's a wilderness, the coords of the wild will be shown.
    • Fix map to show distances from the current city instead of always city #1.
    • Fix false attack alerts created from scouting missions.
    • Show number of new messages separately from number of reports on Messages icon.
    • Enhanced Alliance Reports. More intuitive layout. More information displayed. Attacks against alliance members show in red. Normal barbarian and wild attacks in gray. Attacks against owned wilds or friendly alliances in brown/bold.
    • Enhanced Messaging features. Includes a 'forward' button to easily forward any inbox message to another player. Also, an 'all officers' button in message compose window which allows you to send a message to all officers in your alliance.
    • Enhanced page navigation for messages and reports. Fixes KofC's clumsy and bug-ridden pagination. Allows you to go directly to any page and fixes the back button to return you to the page you were on.
    • Option to warn you if you attempt to march to location 0,0 on the map.

Version history
March 23, 2011 (20110323a):
  • Players tab: added online status
  • Train tab: minor cosmetic changes
  • Train tab: show limiting resource in red
  • Train tab: allow cancel
  • Overview tab: Added display options
  • Overview tab: Added option to include troops in training
  • KOC version and debug button moved to info tab
  • Remember currently selected march tab on refresh
  • Changed image URLs to embedded data
  • Fixed: missing 'forward' and 'all officers' buttons (hopefully)
March 15, 2011 (20110315a):
  • Fixed: missing 'forward' and 'all officers' buttons
  • Fixed: show reinforcement as reinforcement instead of attack in alliance reports.
  • NEW: Chat: global messages in pink / clickable coords / click on player's icon to whisper
  • NEW: Option to keep map coords/bookmarks box on top of troop activity (KofC bug fix)
  • NEW: Don't auto-select a knight in reassign/transport screens! (KofC bug fix)
  • NEW: Delete button when viewing report
  • NEW: Added rpt # to enhanced alliance report list
  • NEW: Added '# rounds' to battle reports
  • NEW: Added error display/recovery when viewing alliance battle report (reins reports)
  • NEW: Added city province name to overview
  • NEW: Made room for 7th city on overview page
  • NEW: Added option for attack city picker
  • Limited unit names to 16 characters in info tab
  • Attack city picker now shows for transport, reassign and reinforce ONLY
  • Added 'scripts' to debug win
Feb 20, 2011 (20110220a):
  • Changes for KofC attack dialog changes on 2011-02-17
  • NEW: Added KOC version display to bottom of Overview tab
  • NEW: City coordinates clickable on Overview tab
  • NEW: remembers currently selected tab on refresh
  • New option: Hide window when clicking on map coordinates.
  • New option: Display GMT (UTC) time next to 'Camelot Time'
  • Fixed XX/XX slots embassy slots available when posting alert to chat
Feb 4, 2011 (20110204a):
  • Anti cheat detection added (removed IDs of DOM elements that they look for)
  • Added random delay in training to look more human.
  • Script update check added
Jan 29, 2010 (20110129a):
  • Added enhanced page navigation in reports and messages
  • Added warning if you attempt to march to location 0,0
  • You can now assign skill points to any role in the Knights tab
  • Added clickable coordinates in enhanced alliance reports.
  • Now compatible with Grease Monkey 0.9.0
  • Windows cooperate with KOC Power BOT
  • Removed search tab (now available in Power BOT)
  • Fixed spurious hangs during training.
  • Fixed alliance reports for new KofC format
Dec 13, 2010 (20101213c): Added Wilds tab. Added check to try to prevent multiple instances (2 power buttons).

Dec 9, 2010: Fixed Overview tab if a city didn't have a wall. Added 'marching' status to knights tab. Allow assigning combat points to role-assigned knights. Added check for dependency 'prototype.js'.

Dec 7, 2010: Added Knights tab. Fixed problem showing food usage if there was no Steward knight.

Dec 4, 2010: Reworked 'Train' tab. Made room for 6th city on Overview tab. Added wall queue time to Overview. Added food usage info to Overview tab with configurable 'red' warning. Added province map to Info tab. Added leaderboard lookup to player search. Main window is now movable (mouse drag). Remembers window open state on refresh.

Nov 23, 2010: Improved speed training/cancel for some users. Added distance calculator to info screen. Added target selector buttons to attack screen. Map coordinates are now clickable in search results. Added 'All' to wild search options. Added 'To all officers' button in message compose window and 'forward' button to inbox.

Nov 20, 2010: Added 'Players' tab. Added option to allow/disallow other scripts to change the format of alliance reports. Added check to 'Speed' tab (formerly '4x' tab) to check if building and research prerequisites are met for each troops type. Fixed a few minor bugs.

Nov 14, 2010: Added Enhanced alliance reports! Fixed overview screen for unallied players. Fixed time display for users with incorrect system time.

Nov 11, 2010: Added automatic posting of tower alerts to alliance chat (disabled by default). Added 'coords only' option to search display. Possibly fixed problem with Power button not showing up for some users. Fixed bug which caused some functions to fail when switching tabs while search was running.

Nov 9, 2010: Added 'Info' screen. Added bug fix for false tower reports. Added feature to show # of messages separately from # of reports on the Messages icon.

Nov 7, 2010: Added Options screen with KofC bug fixes. Added trace code to 4x training.

Nov 6, 2010: Fixed minor bug in map search algorithm. Cosmetic changes.

Nov 4, 2010: Added speed selector (2x-10x) to '4x' screen. Fixed problem with 'Cancellation can not be done at this time' error. Fixed issue if city has less than 32 buildings.

Nov 2, 2010: Added knight and wilds summary to Overview page. Added Wilderness search. Added retries on 'excess traffic' errors.

Previous versions are here

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