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Script Summary: [v0.71] Fixes a bunch of annoyances and usability flaws with Saves you time and streamlines your workflow.

Version: 0.71

Copyright: James Nisbet

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This userscript will fix the majority of annoyances and usability flaws with

It adds the following;

  • Ensures that ticket states remain visible after clicking "prioritize" to re-order.
  • Lets you update the state, title and user of a ticket inline by clicking on a ticket (see screenshot).
  • Keeps the sidebar in view at all times.
  • Shows the search for tickets form at all times in a more convenient location.
  • Adds a "mark as resolved" button to tickets that sets the state of your ticket to resolved, and takes you back to the index view.
  • Adds a "update & resolve" button to tickets that submits any updates or comments you've added, and sets the state to resolved.
  • Always displays the "edit title" box, and hides the tag and attachment boxes behind a link.
  • Reduces the size of the comments box.
  • When creating a ticket; hides empty space-wasting blue bar, reduces the size of the ticket description, selects you as the default assigned user, selects the first milestone by default, and shows the notification options by default.
  • Adds a "create and create another" button when creating a ticket so you can create new tickets faster.
  • Adds a "add and add another" button when creating a milestone so you can create new milestones faster.
  • When viewing a milestone; gives you a link to "view as tickets" letting you bulk edit the tickets in your current view.
  • When viewing a milestone from the ticket view; gives you a link to "view milestone" so you can prioritize your current view.
  • Makes prioritize buttons look sexier.
  • Attempts to hide the vertical scrollbar when it isn't necessary.
  • Checks for new versions of the script, and notifies you in the top menu when they are available.

Has been tested using the latest Google Chrome and Safari. Does not currently work in Firefox :-(

Enjoy! I know I will.