By BattyBovine Last update Jul 21, 2010 — Installed 9,712 times.

Script Summary: Remove the new and irritating Google sidebar from search result pages

Version: 1.0

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Due to the fact that my script no longer seems to work how it should, and the fact that I have no ideas for a solution, I won't be maintaining this script any longer. Instead, I recommend the browser plugin below:


It has a number of advantages over mine, and seems to work just as well. I'm also changing the license for this script so that it's now in the public domain. If you want to maintain it yourself, feel free.


You've probably noticed by now that Google has once again "improved" their search results page by making it look exactly like Yahoo! and Bing. This makes it not suck again.

There seems to be a bug in Firefox using Greasemonkey, where this script won't work if a search is performed from the main Google page. Searching from the address bar's search field seems to work okay. I'm still working on a solution.


*Latest Update*
Now works on Google SSL (https://www.google.com/). Thanks for the idea, evilcoleslaw


I will be making minor tweaks constantly to make it function the way I want it to. I'm mainly making this script for myself, but I've open-sourced it for the benefit of all.

On the possible to-do list:
- I may attempt to implement a show/hide button, in case one wants the results page to function the way it did before.
- I'm still not sure if the Video page could benefit from the sidebar, or if the Google Products page needs it removed as well. This will be based mainly on user feedback if I receive any.