Simple Flash Blocker

By slow! Last update Oct 13, 2013 — Installed 7,706 times.

Script Summary: After installing this script, video and flash content on all websites is blocked. The videos are replaced by a small "play" icon. If the icon is clicked the video plays. Press Alt+F to toggle the blocking of videos at a particular site when it is being visited. When unblocked in this way, the script will ignore that site and videos there will play as usual.

Version: 1.4.5

Now can be installed on Google's Chrome Browser

To block specific webpages, then add and set to true the following boolean value in about:config, Flash Blocker.block_subpages

To block even more specifically, ie, including webpage search terms (what follows a '?' in a href, then set the following boolean value to true, Flash Blocker.block_subSubpages

There is an option to block frames available with this script in the GM menu. However, if you wish to even block frames, frames are often adverts, on a site which has been blocked then go to about:config and set Flash Blocker.always_block_frames to true.