nhac.vui.vn leecher

By Ước Nguyễn Last update Oct 15, 2009 — Installed 249 times.

Script Summary: nhac.vui.vn download link leecher

nhac.vui.vn download link leecher
How to use: load nhac.vui.vn playlist page then right click to Grease Monkey
on the status bar. Select User Script Commands -> Generate Unix Shell Script
A diaglog will show up and ask you for script template which will be use for
generate shell script for you. When you have done, click ok then another
dialog will show up and give you generated shell script use for download all
song in playlist. Select all content then copy and paste it to a file then
save file like: leecher.sh
You may do chmod command also: chmod +x leecher.sh
then launch it using this command: ./leecher.sh
Wait until files download to your computer!
Have fun!