The Pirate Bay with IMDB Ratings

By beatniak Last update Sep 30, 2009 — Installed 3,228 times.

Script Summary: Find what movies to download by having a great quick overview of its IMDB ratings. Uses IMDB movie ratings to colorize and resize the Pirate Bay's movie torrent links. Shows your rating of the movie when logged into IMDB and blocks ads.

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Once installed, visit The Pirate Bay's
- Top 100 Movies, Films DVDR, and HiRes - Films
- browse Movies, Films DVDR and Highres - Films.

To see your rating next to the movies, log in to IMDB and rate some movies you've watched. Don't log out on IMDB, and return to the movies pages on thepiratebay.


  • Colorizes and resizes movie links by IMDB rating.
  • Click on the rating to go to the IMDB page of the movie.
  • Sort the page by IMDB rating or movie title.
  • See the rating you gave the movie in the list.
  • Automatic script update checker.
  • Blocks ads on the movie pages.
  • Toggle results table to full or normal width.



  • Added update checker script.
  • Added Ad blocker for movies pages.
  • Added "full width" option for movies pages. (default is off)
  • Gave credit where credit is due in the source.
  • Added sorting by rating and name (both ascending/descending).
  • now showing your rating when logged in at