Facebook Autopoke 4.0.1

By Mike Soh Last update Sep 8, 2011 — Installed 229,398 times.

Script Summary: Automatically pokes back friends listed on your home page. This script was inspired by Lukas Fragodt's Auto-Poke and EZ-Poke.

Version: 4.0.1

License: GPL 3.0

Remotely hosted version

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Yes, the autopoke is broken

Facebook's new design has broken the autopoke script. After weeks of trying to find a fix, it seems that they have taken extraordinary steps to make autopoking nearly impossible. For the latest updates, please read the blog.

READ THIS: I only support Firefox!

I cannot test this script with every browser available. So please understand that I will not support other browsers. It's difficult enough to write a script for Firefox. I cannot guarantee that it will work for others. However, you are more than welcome to port the script yourself.

View the complete changelog on my Google Code page.