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By chemera Last update Sep 1, 2009 — Installed 105 times.

Script Summary: Customize page and share CSS files for VReel

Version: 1.0.7

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2009-09-011.0.7Changed the timing to add the configuration form into the page.
Fixed a bug about configuration form when resized the window.
2009-07-041.0.6Changed around Help and mouse cursor, etc.
2009-06-251.0.5Added the mirror page and a tooltip to the Help button.
2009-06-181.0.4Changed URL of the Help page.
Remove changelog.
2009-06-061.0.3Removed height property of the option box.
Changed background of the title area in the form.
Changed the code about radio buttons.
2009-05-301.0.2Added Help button.
Changed log mode function.
2009-05-181.0.1Fixed some bugs(e.g. element type customizing,etc.).
Replaced document.getElementById to $.
2009-05-161.0Cleaned up the code a little.
Fixed some bugs(e.g. search result page,sub page,Quit,etc.).
2009-04-300.9Removed the command buttons for moving the form.
Supported the movement of the form by Drag&Drop.
2009-03-170.8Added the button to move the configuration form
2009-02-080.7Added element style customizing option
2009-02-010.6Added configuration form
2009-01-070.5Modified for the pagination of the community and groups
2008-12-270.4Integrated function for individual page
2008-12-200.3Added function for individual page(profile/channel/group)
2008-12-130.2Added function for inputing CSS code by textarea
2008-12-060.1New creation