Script Age

By qufighter Last update Jan 12, 2010 — Installed 3,316 times.

Script Summary: Show how long a each script has been around - adds totals to each script profile page on, two flavors

See how many days old each userscript is... UPDATED v0.005 Click Install

One of two styles (once installed, click days to toggle between):

Totals: 45.4 days, or 6.5 weeks, or 1.54 months, or 0.12 years ago.
Cumulative: 0 years 1 months 2 weeks 1 days 21 hours 40 minutes ago.

works on any of the tabs on a user script page, you just have to add the pages you want to include under script management.

This userscript is now Google Chrome compatible. To upgrade you must first uninstall the old version.

How it Works

When you visit a script profile page on, this script checks the Versions page for that script.

If more than one page is found, the script then downloads the Last Page of Versions for that script, whatever it may be.

The bottom most date value is the date that the script was first uploaded. This data is then processed and displayed for your enjoyment and progress tracking purposes.

if you like US.o Script Age

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