By Spies, Brigands, and Pirates Last update Sep 20, 2009 — Installed 550 times.

Script Summary: Adds an "Ignore User" link to user commments in WordPress. Script will need to be modified slightly for different sites/WordPress themes. New version, uses less obtrusive hyperlinks and keeps numbering consistent.

As with any script or extension, I recommend that you inspect the source carefully before installation to assure yourself that it isn’t doing anything nefarious.

What it does:

1) Adds “Trollhammer this poster” and “Reset Trollhammer” links to each comment.

2) If the “Trollhammer this poster” link is clicked, that user’s comments will become invisible. This is site-wide. Note that the comments aren’t actually deleted — they still remain on the site, and other readers will still see them. They’re simply hidden from you.

3) If the “Reset Trollhammer” link is clicked, all hidden posts will become visible again (this affects all posts you’ve Trollhammered — allowing selective unhiding on a per-user basis is a refinement for later).

Again, note that this is experimental. It may well have bugs (and I’d appreciate a report of any bugs you encounter).