Razzas Fantasy Premier League script

By Ralph Johnson Last update Aug 27, 2011 — Installed 16,924 times.

Script Summary: Show more information on players to help with transfers, and fix a bug with the FPL site

2011/2012 FPL site completely broke this script - this is the first cut of a new version

C = Complete
B = Broken

C 1. Allows all stats to be shown in the player profile window. (scroll using the mousewheel)
C 2. Enlarge the player profile window
C 3. Allows you to click a player's points in the transfer page to see points from last 3 games and fixtures for next 3 games
C 4. Show more info about each player in graphical view such as price paid, sells for, price now, form, value form
B 5. Show info on the effectiveness of your squad and 'best 11' such as overall form, points to help decide if transfers are worthwhile
C 6. Add more stats to sort players on such as score last season, NTIs, NTOs, and a rating I calculate for each player
B 7. Show a link to each manager's history page from league pages
B 8. Show how well the captain has done on each week and an overall total on history page.
B 11. The team information is updated after every time you change the squad
C 12. Added Megatons Rating
C 15. Added 'My Team' to the list of filters in the transfer page
B 19. Hover over the team name in league list to see how the team has done that week
C 20. Add home and Away information to player information window
C 21. Add fixture info to razzarating
B 22. Save username and password info - chrome doesn't offer option - fixed in main site now
C 23. Display player's points alongside every stat
C 24. Add ability to sort by crack the code data (price change liklihood)
C 25. First stab at showing difficultyof upcoming fixture, more to come on this including next n fixtures

Razzas rating tries to work out how well a player will do over the course of the season. It uses a few things to do this.

First of all it uses last seasons points. If these points are 0 (the player wasn't listed last year because he was in a different league, or only just broken through) it guesses what the points might have been by taking the points per game so far this season and taking a value that works out to about 2/3 of the projected points for this season (assuming the player will play every game). If last years points were below 100 and above 0 it takes an average of last seasons points and the projected points for this season. If they were above 100 it just uses what they were.

Second it then works out how many points the player is likely to score this season based on what they have scored this season and how far through the season we are.

Third it takes the form of the player and works out a points value based on playing at that level for half a season.

It adds all these together to come up with a value.

The ignore injuries part alters how the second value is worked out. This value will now only take in to account games the player has played in so it won't work so well for fringe players who score highly (Kallio from fulham) in the odd game they play, but will work better for great players who get injured a lot (RVP, Cahill, etc)

The ignore injures (value) just divides the value by their price