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Script Summary: Gets rid Google tracking scripts. Works with Chrome as well.

Normally each link on a Google search page has an onmousedown script that
sends a request to their servers telling them what you clicked on.
It's an invasion of privacy and it slows down your connection.
This kills off the bounce script.

Does not disable Urchin Tracker, get Adblock for that.

If anyone notices anything else that Google is using to track users, leave a comment
and I'll add it into the next version.


Just fixed a bug that caused some search result links to come out undefined.
Now works with the new Google Search and News.
Re-written, now smaller and faster.
Gets rid of the "Sponsored Links" along the top of site-custom Google search pages.
Works with Google News.
Added HTTPS support.
Works with Google News in other languages.
Added Google Dictionary support.
Added ability to toggle Ads on or off (note: they still won't show if you have AdBlock).