Wikipedia - clean up interface

By gaby de wilde Last update Jun 17, 2013 — Installed 0 times.

Script Summary: There are a lot of semi useful links on every wikipedia page. Printers, "about wikipedia", "contact wikipedia" etc it is all nice to have but not very nice to look at if you are not using it.

Version: 1.0

You can (optionally) configure the script with this special tool. Here is a link for testing:


Super technical stuff

When one displays to the human a link that says "About Wikipedia" it will trigger the doIWantThis() function in the human. Something like:
doIWantThis(readSomethingAboutThis("About Wikipedia"))
First the willingness to read something has to return true then the topic is loaded into the pattern matching engine. The human can be quite unsophisticated at this but the more useless the information gets the faster it is discarded. whoosh out the other ear.... Still a waste of time. Lets delete all of these function triggers.

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