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By gaby de wilde Last update Jun 17, 2013 — Installed 2 times.

Script Summary: Swiftly display The Wikipedia Archive entries one under the other. Seeing is believing.

Version: 1.0


The screen shots show how good and effective the script is:

A link for testing:



If you enable this it will clean up the interface a bit thereby making the Wikipedia look... you guessed it: More sexy!


Press release

Citizens of the world behold the miracle that is upon us!

By the most sophisticated technical means imaginable [namely xml] delivered upon us by wikipedia technicians in the being of raw output options and possibilities though the means of url formating in the form of differences between the revisions of articles written upon the body of ours beloved Wikipedia!

Notably missing was the means and utilities to parse these xml trees of the dom while the editor is interacting with such informations thereby rendering his time wasted and his being useless while occupying such activities.

The wait is over! I have coded, specially for myself, an AJAX implementation of the most simple kind to be had by those Wikipedians skilled in the arts of userscripting and other imaginary creatures!


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