By Ng.Aniki Last update Jan 22, 2013 — Installed 265 times.

Script Summary: Tweak BtvGuide browse, to have something closer to the previous (Read Description)

First the script is ugly as hell, jquery is just copy pasted and some of the modifications are done once the page is fully loaded (Apparently all the content is created dynamically, so this is the only way I found). I made it for myself, someone else might be interested.

-Get automatically redirected to the A-Z serie list when arriving on the main page. redirected to:

-For all the series links on the lists ( like from the A-Z pages ), links are redirecting automatically to the episode list, instead of the overview page. (From there you can still go to the overview page if you want)

-All the links pointing to an episode redirect to the "Other Links"/"Watch Online" page, with all the free streaming websites. This is working from the Episode List page, and when you are watching an episode it is working for the Previous & Next episode links.

Note: Don't hesitate to contact me if you have ways to improve the script (This is my first, I don't know that much, si this script is a bit heavy and slow), or if you would like to see some other things.