KOC MadMaxx Throne Room Organizer

By ThePsycho Last update Aug 13, 2013 — Installed 1,540 times.

Script Summary: Organizes, upgrades and salvages KOC throne room items

Version: 2.0

Copyright: ThePsycho

Stand alone MadMaxx upgrader
This is a stand alone version of the MadMaxx Throne Room upgrader for Kingdoms of Camelot (http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/129075)
It has been separated from the Power Bot script.

You will not want to turn on 2 upgraders at once. If you do, they will conflict with each other. This now has a functioning Auto-Salvage. Please read the notes and instructions below or it might delete something you want.

A guide is located here:


The MadMaxx upgrader. Use this tab to automatically attempt upgrades and enhancements.
From this tab, the city to draw aetherstones can be set.
There is a 'repair all' function that will repair all broken items before attempting the next upgrade/enhancement.

The Organizer tab lets you see your TR better. All the cards are visible and you can hover to see the stats. The cards are organized by type (chair, table, etc.) and the preset can be viewed.

The tab may lets you define your presets and have a extra local set of presets. The local presets let you save off a set of TR items and load them. This will effectively let you have additional presets without spending gems.

You can also copy/paste your stats from here.

Upgrade/Enhance Stats
This tabs shows your success rates and allows you to complain to others how unlucky you are :P

The history of the upgrade/enhancement attempts.


This tab is for setting options and infrequently used controls.
The option to automatically check for updates is on this tab.
Direct Integration
The script adds a few tabs to the game's TR display.
The tabs:
- Hide/show the script controls
- Toggle auto-salvage/auto-upgrade on/off. (A quick off/on of auto-salvage will cause it to run again.)
- Repair countdown clock

TR item context menu buttons
Auto Update: Selects the TR item as the item to update
Auto Enhance: Selects the TR item as item item to enhance

Upgrade/Enhance Panel
Clicking on the "Next" panel now increases the level shown in that panel.


I put this here for those that want to help out. It is completely voluntary and does not provide any benefits.







Direct integration

Change Log

Minor bug fix so last item deletes in the current cycle.
Bug fix for salvager power button
Added picture popups to the upgrader panel
Bug fix for a condition that could cause the salvager to stall.
Fixed some display issues
Added filter buttons on the organizer tab
Changed 'repair all' to work from the bottom up. This makes the +1 upgrade option work smoother
Update for Level 12 upgrades
Update for candelabra
Updated whisper on upgrades
Changed organizer widths to see if that will allow wrapping
Fix for error on activity bonus call.
Backed out repair attempt on unknown status.
Adding a repair attempt when upgrades fail.
Added horizontal resizing.
Minor improvements to the token deselector. The icon is now cleared and it remembers if you manually select a token (until the throne panel is closed).
Updated popup to be stretchable /remember size
Added options to unselect tokens and have a-stone limit on manual upgrades
Tab color change and whisper options on successful upgrades
Remembers opened tab and organizer options on refresh
Switch to a more jquery UI
Bug fix for FF17
Added field to change number of local presets
Minor reorg of options tab
Removed dead variable
Bug fix for deleting items after refresh.
Changed the upgrade/delete logic so each items is upgrade when it is deleted instead of trying to upgrade a bunch of items and then deleting them all.
Added option to upgrade to +1 before salvaging. With the new higher upgrade percentages, this is profitable in a-stone and increases the activity bonus.
Minor bug fix so success animation works
Added log info for manual upgrades
Added the ability to name presets and have a description. Increased the number from 8 to 10
Fixed some of the '1 at a time' logic
Added option to disable large portrait tooltip
Added a 'copy stats' button.
Made it so the Throne button text goes red when the TR is full
Moved the upgrader status to be above the table.
Added local presets. Added tool tip/ large portraits to the organizer tab. Here is a overview: http://userscripts.org/topics/116061
Fixed a problem with lucky tokens not counting down. Fixed a problem in success callaback. This prevented logs or status updates.
b- Added a fix for missed upgrades causing the complete status not to be set. Displays the number of items salvaged. Added more detailed stats (per quality level) under the hood.
Added an option to upgrade/enhance to Wondrous+4 on a suggested path. YMMV Created an option for handling overflow from main city. Can now place in the lowest city. Fix a problem if an item was salvaged and still was in the upgrade queue.
Adjusted thickness of blue/yellow box around TR items so items won't be wider than the row. Fixed recorded number of attempts so it doesn't increment when out of a-stone and just waiting. Fixed low a-stone message. Put in small delay between attempts in 'whole queue' mode. Using 10 seconds (something humanly possible).
Created an options tab and moved some of the more static option parameters there. Updated the status in the upgrader table and log. Created the ability to disable the success/failure animations (big red X/ 'spinny').
Added the ability to change items in the queue. Can change level or queue order.
Added field to change the max a-stones per city. Added ability to load salvager settings from any domain.
Changed the upgrade tab to have a queue. Includes an option to do 1 item at a time or try the whole queue (try to update all, repair all, repeat).
Just a look-and-feel update. Changed the backgrounds and borders to look like the other popups in the game.
Updated jquery version.
Moved the preset widget and enlarged the TR inventory box.
Added a widget to the main KOC page to switch presets. Bug fix on the sorting in the organizer.
Added controls and status to the organizer panel.
- Added countdown clock on TR tabs - Added sorting in organizer
- Fixed the "NOT" rules - adjusted the z-index - Added boxes on the TR display to show the current auto-upgrade/auto-enhance items
Added code to display higher levels on the "Next Stats" panel on the game TR upgrade/enhance panel. Click on the "Next" area to increase the level. Fixed a couple of display issues.
Now click on the "Next Stats" area on the games upgrade/enhance panel to see the stats for higher levels.
Added some buttons on the TR so the updater can be controlled from there. - Some extra tabs to turn the upgrader on/off, the salvager on/off and to switch upgrade/enhancing - Put some buttons on the TR item context menu so you can select the item to upgrade or enhance directly from there The list of items will now refresh each time it is opened and when an item upgrades. Fixed the z-index so the salvage popup and the upgrade message appear in front the tool.
Auto-salvage is enabled. Because getting your rules right can be tricky, please do the following before using: - Turn off all auto salvagers - Upgrade any items in your current TR inventory that you want to keep to +1. The auto-salvage will ignore these. You can use the "repair all" function to help out. Other updates: - Broke the log into 3 parts and added data .... so you can see how long it has been. - Added a convenience tab to the TR to hide/show the upgrader. Changed the z-index so the upgrader is on top
6/23/2012 b:
- Added new version checking - Puts a-stone in non-full cities - Added button to execute the salvager 1 time - Salvager status panel and gui cleanup
Fixed the icons. A couple of requested features: - Added a "Repair all function." When turned on this feature will repair all items before doing the next upgrade/enhancement. - Saves/restores window position and state on reload.
Added trophy. Trophy items are not in my domains, so hopefully it works. I don't think the icons in the organizer will work for trophies, but this should be ok for now.
6/17/2012 Changes:
Added the ability to pull aetherstones from any city. Made it so the activity bonus bar updates. On the organizer tab - Made it so the equipped items are at the top. - Added the "Test Salvage" button that shows the items the salvager will grab. Items highlighted in red will be deleted. Orange are broken or equipped items that will be deleted if they are fixed or unequipped.

Salvager (Phase 1)
The salvager will always keep +1 and higher items.
- Added the ability to define rules.
Since these auto-salvage functions are so dangerous, it is still disabled at this time.
After I can test it more, I will add the ability to turn it on. Expect this in a few days.
Instructions: It has the standard ability to save items at a given quality or higher and the ability to keep the first "X" items in the TR. In addition you can create 'rules' on what to keep.
For example you can look for
- An item with Life buffs in 4 slots
- An item with Range in 2 slots
- An item with accuracy in slots 3-5 and 2 attack enhancements in slots 3-5
- An adviser with 2 bonus to troop training speed and does NOT have bonus to wood production

Multiple conditions are treated like a logical "AND", i.e. all conditions must be met.
An item only has to match a single rule (logical "OR" between rules).

This combination should make it possible to define all constraints, even if some definitions are very lengthy.
If you already have an item in your TR that you would like to keep and don't want to create a rule, upgrade it to +1.

Importing stats from Power Bot:

The PowerBot version was tracking success rates under the hood. If you want to import these stats:

1) bring up a new tab in FF
2) type "about:config" in the url bar
3) click the button on the warning page
4) in the search box, type "upgradeStats"
For each domain, you should see a saved variable for the PowerBot script and the new script. The PowerBot one will have "KOCPowerBot" in the name. The new one will have "TROrganizer" in the name.
5) Right click on the line for the PowerBot variable for a domain of interest and select "Copy Value"
6) Right click on the line for the TROrganizer variable for the same domain number and select "Modify"
7) A popup will appear with the entire entry box selected. Leave all the text selected and hit paste (control-V) and hit the OK button.
8) Refresh the domain before the script performs the next upgrade/enhancement attempt.

If you corrupt the "upgradeStats" variable for any reason, delete the variable and refresh (repeat steps 1-4 and then right click/reset).

Thanks to the KocScripters (and others). Even though this is stand alone, it uses much of the code already developed by these guys.