By Conan of Loxley Last update Aug 18, 2013 — Installed 26,894 times.

Script Summary: Extension Manager to keep alive scripts for Lord Of Ultima that are no longer actively maintained by their authors.

Currently includes working versions of:

  • LoU BOS 1.6.0
  • LoU Tweak 1.7.6
  • MERC 3.0.2

Released under the GNU General Public License v3
Change log for latest version

Installation for Google Chrome

Requires Google Chrome version 18 or higher.

  1. Download the Google Chrome packed extension to a local folder.
  2. Open the Extensions tool page in Chrome
  3. Drag and drop the downloaded extension from its download folder onto the Chrome Extensions page

Installation for Greasemonkey

Requires Greasemonkey 0.9.16 - 0.9.22.
Greasemonkey 1.0 or higher is supported as from version 0.6.2 (released 25th of August)
Install the extension over https to enable the auto-update feature of Greasemonkey version 0.9.18 or higher.

In the Greasemonkey options, set the "Minimum number of days between update checks" to 1 to stay up-to-date

About lou-extensions

This project aims to provide a community driven maintenance for Chrome extensions and GreaseMonkey scripts for the online browser game Lord of Ultima that are not actively maintained by their original authors anymore but still add vital functionality to LOU.

As from version 0.6.0 it includes a backwards compatibility layer to ensure older scripts continue working. Version 0.6.3 is confirmed to fix following scripts:

  • LoU Suite (76s Edit)
  • The Defiant (TDK) Extension
  • LoU Tweak 1.7.0