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By chiron76 Last update Jul 18, 2012 — Installed 19,232 times.

Script Summary: Various Helpers for Lord Of Ultima

Version: 1.1.1

Original code was developed by some other guy. I just copied it and edited to make it better.
LoU BoS required

What it does

Allows you to raid bosses and dungeons with just one click!
Includes all land troops. Currently, naval troops are not included.
Calculates dungeon's progress and gives you the exact number for that specific progress' loot. So it is better for players without war minster since they are hitting at that progress only. For players with war minister, it is not effective since the progress changes in time while the raids are repeated for the same previous progress. I'll be adding another version to overcome this.

How it works

Adds an 'S' button at the bottom bar.
Click it and a panel will be opened with 2 tabs - Boss Raider & Dungeon Raider
(Both works the same way, except that 'Boss Raider' is used for sending boss raids where as 'Dungeon Raider' is used for sending dungeon raids.)
  • Select the tab
  • Choose the continent from dropdown list
  • Click 'View Region'
  • Then click 'Scan'

This will provide you with a list of bosses/dungeons on your continent along with other options such as distance, co-ordinates, etc. Click on any option to sort it accordingly. For 'Boss Raider' click 'Send' button to send the raid. For 'Dungeon Raider' click the troop numbers to send the raid. Done!

Happy Hunting :)


1.1.1 - Can send Ranger/Guardian and Zerks/Guardian.