Grepolis Report Converter

By Potusek Last update Apr 9, 2014 — Installed 18,108 times.

Script Summary: The script converts not only reports but also the wall, a list of commands, etc. (details in description). Currently available languages​​: pl, en, de, ro. If you are interested in another version, please contact me. Support for reservation module.

Version: 3.0.1

Copyright: Potusek

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Link for install in Chrome:

The converter was created partially out of boredom, and partially to make mine and other people's life on Grepolis easier. Because the game doesn't offer a publication of all the reports, only some (and publication is available only for a few days), I wrote a report converter.

As of now it converts:
- use of godly powers
- attack/deffense
- spying
- wall
- agora - the state of the troops in the city, along with support
- command
- list of commands - available when enabled premium "Administrator"
- occupation of the city
Additional features include:
- generate reservation
- access to player statistics (on the "" - only for a given language version)
- saving the wall
- Cities from the User profile may be issued as BBC
- Players from the Ally profile may be issued as BBC

Adding support for reservation module