improved hover text

By big beefer Last update Jun 27, 2013 — Installed 2,514 times.

Script Summary: Adds Dark Sense and Super Spy info to plaent hover text. Also adds additional info for ships and bases.

Version: 0.14

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1. Shows total mineral info if available from darksene or superspy
2. Adds FC to planet info (could make to only show if not "???" but currently
always shows
3. If there's a base, shows fighters as well.
4. Moved the code to show planet owner outside of infoturn==0 test. When player
knew ownership from a "share intel", infoturn was still 0,
so the owner was not shown in the hover text
5. (ver 0.4) Added FC to ships too
6. (ver 0.5) Shorten form to 3 lines for owned ships (controlled by
vgap.terseInfo). Add damage and cloak state if applicable.
7. (ver 0.6) Add Warp for owned ships. Also, add ship hull being built to
8. (ver 0.7) Add Map Tools Control "Switch Info View" to switch views.
9. (ver 0.7) Add ship owner in short form for allies
10.(ver 0.9) Add persistent settings, remove switch view map tool
11.(ver 0.10) Add setting to display ship mission for player's ships
12.(ver 0.11) More information for allies displayed if ally update script is
in use.
13.(ver 0.11) Replaces showHover and shipTransferView to show more info when