PlayDotA Icon Remix

By nXiety Last update Feb 26, 2012 — Installed 5,025 times.

Script Summary: Replaces the original Dota icons with their Dota 2 counterparts.

Version: 0.6

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  • Replaces DotA icons with their Dota 2 counterparts. Heroes and Items that are not currently implemented in Dota 2 are not replaced(obviously ^.^).
  • Integrates with the onmouseover and onclick events in Heroes and Items to show the new icons in the information area.
  • Adds the item, ability, or hero name to their respective tooltips and alt attributes for all replaced images.
  • Works in both Chrome and Firefox(with Greasemonkey installed).

What's new in this version:

  • Added hero and ability icons for Clinkz, Invoker, Silencer, and Spirit Breaker.
  • Added new items: Abyssal Blade, Heaven's Halberd, Ring of Aquila, Rod of Atos, and Tranquil Boots.
  • Changed the skill pattern regex used, previously it only looked for one digit, now it looks for 1 or more(aka: Invoker has a lot of skills).
  • Added an additional URL where hero images can be found on PlaydotA.

Problems related specifically to playdota that may cause issues:

  • There's sometimes more than one link for the same image. As such, images may appear to use a DotA icon(it's a duplicate icon for an image that is already known). I have most of the duplicates found and fixed.
  • The site doesn't use IDs as much as you might expect - making it a bit weird to accomplish tasks that should be much easier. They're used quite sparingly in fact. (Random rant ^.^)
  • Users are capable of linking images that are not in the base set provided by playdota, in this case it is unfeasible to replace them. This may cause confusion, as some guides use Dota 2 icons but won't have the tooltips provided by this script.

Items that are currently not replaced(still trying to find their image(s)):

  • Bottle 66%
  • Bottle 33%
  • Bottle 0%
  • Bottle with Runes stored within
  • Necronomicon lv2
  • Necronomicon lv3
  • Cheese
  • Recipe
  • (Warlock Golem) Resistant Skin, it doesn't have an icon in Dota 2.

Known bugs:

  • (Firefox) The miniature icons displayed in the guides list are currently not replaced.
  • When the heroes page loads, the initial selected hero and ability summaries are not replaced.

What's coming:

  • Bug fixes and implementing suggestions.

Please leave comments, suggestions, and/or bug reports.