Geotag Flickr with Multimap

By steeev Last update Jun 26, 2008 — Installed 2,076 times.

Script Summary: Adds "add geotags" link to photo pages, which lets u add geographical data to your photos

Version: 2.1 - 26-Jun-2008

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Adds "add geotags" link to photo pages, which lets u add the latitude and longitude geographical data, via the maps on the mapping website, to your Flickr photos.


This is a greasemonkey script, to run it you need to have the firefox web browser: with the greasemonkey extension installed: If you visit this script in firefox and have the gm extension enabled, you will be asked if you want to install the script, click the "yes" button, and the script will be installed. To uninstall, go to the greasemonkey scripts manager, select "Geotag Flickr With Multimap" and click the uninstall button


You can geotag single images by clicking the geotag this image with the multimap link besides your photo.

You can also geotag batches of images from flickr's organizer: first select the batch of photos you wish to geotag then click the "Location" menu, then select "geotag with multimap", then follow the instructions given.

N.B once you have found the location you want to geotag, scroll the map page down, to check whether the latitude and longitude values are showing below the map, as if they arent there, the script wont work. It sometimes takes a couple of seconds to update those values, so you need to check they are there before clicking the geotag button above the map.


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