Metal Converter

By thejackal454 Last update Aug 28, 2012 — Installed 3,788 times.

Script Summary: Convert credits on site to tf2 metal currency and other goodies

Version: 0.8.6

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Easy script that convert credits to refined metal in tf2 wareHouse the conversion is done only in a few pages at the moment but I hope to complete the work. Needless to say the conversion may not be accurate at the time. If you notice errors please let me know:) I also added a "paint detector" (laugh) so in the item summary you can know the paint name :)


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New on 0.8.6

Fixed overstock page.


first you need to install greasemonkey, after installing the addon just push the install button on this page.
Google Chrome:
Just push install :)
Explorer & Opera
Don't know sorry

Credit values

bill's hat 78000 credits earbuds 180000c
Refined metal 4500c
key (unused atm)

Supported pages


Global page function

User balance

Browser support

Firefox (Developed with)
Chrome (looks fine)
Opera (untested feedback need)

Version History

0.8.5 Firefox 14+ required !!(1)Fixed allItem page performance problem and readded the code. (2)Ref is parsed il all position on userdetail page. (3)Some adjust there and here. (4)I don't remember .... I lost some hystory. 0.7.8Updated Bil & Buds prices. Fix a bug with credit held.
0.7.7 Support for new WH layourt. Ugly consign.php support.
0.7.6 Detecting the right paint color also for some Team Spirit that look like black in inventory.
Better visibility on stacked items.
0.7.5 Correct itemStacking not whowing up crate and medals numbers. Added Ref calculation in the Consignment controls
0.7.4 Readded athe itemStacking Function with some improvement. Color stacking on warehouse was a mistake (FeedBack). Fix some new style on warehouse.
0.7.3 Removed itemStacking code no longer necessary. Fixed the new custom price.
0.7.2 Added a beta feature for stacking items with different paint colors (must be enabled with a checkbox) Know trouble, items with a name tag get stacked Fixed an error with Chrome 0.7.1 hummm
0.7 Fixed AllItems page not working after the changes of warehouse. Removed the filter code, but left the code suggestions for the text box.
0.6 Added QuickFilter function on AllItem page. Fix script not working if you are not logged on warehouse
0.5 Fix some error in credit conversion, added conversion on ticker and on item page. On allitems page added a check to see if you can purchase the item and how many credits you miss.
0.4 ChatLog implemented, fixed userbalance code, autoupdate, fix error on pait detectorTM, tested with chrome
0.3 Added Userbalance live converter (found out why my script was unlistened and fixed) :))
0.2 Added paint name detector ^^ (work only on item page)
0.1 Initial release