KoC Power Max

By Larry Harrell Last update Dec 20, 2011 — Installed 57,177 times.

Script Summary: All-in-One Scripting with Power Tools, AutoBot and Chat/Attack Extras for Kingdoms of Camelot


Version Re-edited by LWH(Powered by KoC Power MultiLang 1.2.4 by PDX)

Best KoC Power Scripting to date!! Fantastic Functionally! Attractive User Interface.

KoC Power consists of the Power Tools, AutoBot, chat and attack "extras" scripts for Kingdoms of Camelot Facebook Game.

Translated from German/English Version (KoC Power MultiLang 1.2.4) to totally English interface and added English links. They include shortcut buttons on Main Screen for toggling on/off important "auto" functions. However several of the flash messages and warnings were still in German, thus this re-worked edition.