Auto Page Reload on Error & Gateway Problem Fixer

By aireca Last update Jun 10, 2013 — Installed 12,098 times.

Script Summary: Refresh on failed page loading & Gateway problems, 'FastCGI Error', '502 Bad Gateway','504 Gateway Time-out', '503 Service Temporarily Unavailable', '500 Internal Server Error', 'Error 503 Service Unavailable', '404 Not Found' paheal 'Problem loading page'

Version: 1306101


This Script automatically Refresh the page on failed page loading & Gateway problems

For example when you are on any page with High Load on the server
Like Rule34.Paheal, Gelbooru, 4chan or any booru images Page or any other normal page
then you get a message like:

'502 Bad Gateway'
'504 Gateway Time-out'
'Problem loading page'
'503 Service Temporarily Unavailable'
'FastCGI Error'
'500 Internal Server Error'
'Error 503 Service Unavailable'
'Service Unavailable'
'404 Not Found'
'504 Gateway Time-out' (text inside the page but no into the title)
& more...

You can add more editing the script, just copy any message & change the text that is on the page title or the page internal text.

It is Case Sensitive so please add exactly the text displayed including accents and if you are foreign add your exact message on your language for example 'Problem loading page' on Spanish is: 'Problemas al cargar la página'


For page title:

else if (document.title == 'MY PAGE TITLE HERE' )
{setTimeout(function() {window.location.reload(true);}, time);}

For page internal text:

else if (document.getElementsByTagName('h1')[0].innerHTML == 'MY PAGE TEXT HERE')
{setTimeout(function() {window.location.reload(true);}, time);}

That easy ;)

If you find more error messages please post them on the "discussions" section to add them to the list.

Trouble with a page?, add an exception to the page list:

// @exclude*

That way the page will be ignored totally

You can also change the time it takes to refresh again, by default is 3000ms.

var time = 3000;

Any questions Here: