By Matthew Ng Last update May 13, 2011 — Installed 15,340 times.

Script Summary: Places the country next to an ip or proxy that it corresponds to. v1.0


Looks up all the IP addresses (proxies) on the a webpage and places the country abbreviation next to it.

Thanks to hostip.info's API. (The only free non-captcha api).
The API isn't terribly accurate but it does the job. You can manually double check the IP with other look up sites (such as http://www.ipchecking.com/).


Pretty much all browsers (only tested on Firefox 4.0 and Chrome).
For this release it runs on pages with "ip", "forum", "proxy" or "proxies" in the URL (can be easily changed in the source).
If you want me to add some sites or change the API, then email at matthewn4444@hotmail.com.


  • First version.
  • Adds the country (abbreviation next to the address).
  • Uses hostip.info as the look up API.