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5 stars
Good Scripts! , Dec 20, 2012
Review written by Trever d - see all my reviews (495)

Nice Scripts, work very good, I really like it.


5 stars
Script is written well , Feb 19, 2011
Review written by ShuLiang - see all my reviews (5)

Script is written well, with the sit limits in consideration with the minimum limit of 3.5 between loads as an example.


5 stars
fap fap , Jul 24, 2011
Review written by karyl - see all my reviews (23)

use left hand to press right button.
use right hand for fapping. hahahahaha

very great.


4 stars
Good Script , Feb 3, 2011
Review written by Rubens Vinicius - see all my reviews (4)

It is great to download multiple images at once, but to read the mangas online is not very good. =)


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2 stars
Very neat and helpful , Feb 9, 2012
Review written by TwiTwi - see all my reviews (14)

I use this script since a few years now, I think, and it became better and more stable with the time. Even when there are multiple gallery pages of pictures to load and even if I load multiple galleries at the same time, it just works perfect.
It is the ideal tool for a comfortable reading and possible download of the complete comic/picture collection.

*Review for the recent update*

What the heck?

I always used this script to create a single page with comic pages in readable size, so I can read them by scrolling down instead of downloading the pictures, zooming in the first page to read the upper half, shoving the zoomed picture upward to read the lower half and hitting a button or key to switch to the next picture that has to be opened.

Without the autoloading function, the script is useless now. :(

I will not update.

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