Social Fixer for Facebook

By Matt Kruse Last update Dec 22, 2013 — Installed 1,741,742 times.

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5 stars
A Must-Have , Oct 6, 2011
Review written by Jasmine_MW - see all my reviews (2)

Whatever you find annoying about using Facebook, there's a good chance this script can improve it :)


5 stars
5 stars , Oct 5, 2011
Review written by Sonar - see all my reviews (2)

An active DEV.

Well worth 5 stars.


5 stars
Thanks , Sep 30, 2011
Review written by Florian243 - see all my reviews (5)

Great work, thanks.


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2 stars
Don't like it , Sep 21, 2011
Review written by Nameles36 - see all my reviews (1)

Too much stuff


5 stars
good work & pls fix! , Aug 17, 2011
Review written by MaxBenn - see all my reviews (1)

Really good work! I love this guy and he should manage facebook! Many options, so it takes a little time to get through it but afterwards you got your personalized facebook. :)
There is one thing that need to bee done. When you click on Pictures the Head-Bar alignes left. plz fix that. Thx. :)
I'm a poor student :P, but when i have some money left on the end of the month. I'll donate for this work you've done!


5 stars
yes. , May 27, 2011
Review written by nyarlathotep666 - see all my reviews (1)

works great. after using this for awhile, i dont much care for the original facebook interface. if you just take 10 minutes and go through all the options and set it up how you want it, you'll never go back.


5 stars
Great add-on!! , Apr 29, 2011
Review written by jstfinkaboutit - see all my reviews (2)

This add-on is great, and going to a browser without this just doesn't feel right anymore. The ability to keep the facebook header at the top of the screen, hiding sections, and advertisements are only some of the reasons I like this. Lots of additional options for customizing facebook's interface, and (if I recall correctly) is updated regularly with new options and/or updated quickly when/if facebook changes it's site around.


5 stars
Great Options , Apr 1, 2011
Review written by HardKoreG - see all my reviews (11)

This script doesn't work on Opera, but the extension on your site works. Please upload it to the Opera Extension site.


5 stars
its just so good. , Mar 11, 2011
Review written by Keanu4 - see all my reviews (1)

I dont need to say more .. just use it.

highly recommended.

It allows you to do so much more


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3 stars
Not bad at all , Feb 28, 2011
Review written by psydex - see all my reviews (7)

Most of it's features are pointless but still it's pretty cool!

The "Friend Tracker" not showing correctly friends that you're not friends anymore with! Must be fixed!