Remove Facebook Clutter.

By Andrew H Last update Mar 15, 2009 — Installed 4,573 times.

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4 stars
Works nice. , Apr 10, 2009
Review written by Matthew Gordon - see all my reviews (3)

I only wanted it for the "Remove highlights" option. That works well - I removed the rest of the stuff from the script. Other scripts on this site that claim to remove highlights don't work. This one does.


5 stars
I love it! , Mar 16, 2009
Review written by essthree - see all my reviews (1)

I tried a couple of the others and they didn't do what they were supposed to. This one works perfectly. It leaves the 'People you may know' and the 'Today' areas and I find those useful.

The right pane is now so much cleaner.


4 stars
New Facebook layout = evil , Mar 15, 2009
Review written by Leinerud - see all my reviews (1)

Good to see someone else doing the same thing as me :-)

Thanks for the 'Special thanks'


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4 stars
Cool! , Mar 15, 2009
Review written by Nufros - see all my reviews (5)

Does a nice job getting the "Highlight" section out of there!