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great , Mar 29, 2009
Review written by NoHype - see all my reviews (5)

nice script


1 star
What i needed ... almost , Mar 3, 2012
Review written by romuloff - see all my reviews (1)

This script is exactly what i was looking for. Thanks ! Now i can click on full screen without delays.
Truely, on the time i was testing, my youtube setting was playing videos like i clicked in expand button and wasnt an interference from the script.
So in another use of the browser that i noted it.


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Thief / Lame , Feb 9, 2009
Review written by Avindra V.G. - see all my reviews (57)

You gave me credit, but imo, this is pretty lame... just adds a resizing option and doesn't have any of the new features I added.

This is the original script, by me.