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By Cody Bellinger Last update Oct 9, 2013 — Installed 8,873 times.

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terrific , Aug 9, 2013
Review written by fabriek - see all my reviews (1)

Also registered just to write a review for this script.

This does exactly what it says on the tin and is prefect for reverting the strange new gui of Youtube. Thanks!


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Does exactly what it says , Jul 27, 2012
Review written by iGod - see all my reviews (6)

I went all day yesterday trying to figure out why the hell Youtube's homepage looked so messed up. It seemed like I was the only one and I figured it was an issue with my browser. I went through all the different troubleshooting protocols and was almost ready to wipe my entire Firefox profile and start with a new slate, but then I figured maybe there's a script that'll just change Youtube's layout to make it a little more bearable and that's when I found this! So not only did this script reassure me that I wasn't the only one, but it went ahead and fixed everything for me (although the current Youtube layout still looks horrible, at least it renders properly). Thank you!


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Does what it says on the tin , Nov 2, 2012
Review written by Itz-Blitz - see all my reviews (2)

Registered just to write a review for this script.

This is perfect brings the old functional layout back, The new one is missing so many features i really missed like show more videos from user on the watch page, Also show only uploads on the main page.

This also removes all the google+ crap for people who could not care less about google+ like me.

Anyway thanks for this script :).

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Works as advertised , Aug 6, 2012
Review written by Keirnoth - see all my reviews (12)

Works as advertised - not a fan of the new Youtube start page layout (then again, I'm not a fan of the CURRENT layout either). Could you write something in your userscript description telling us that the swap homepage button is on the upper right (not top left as your images say) corner? I was looking everywhere for it and nowhere in the description did it say for me to look in the top right, it only says so in the images and the images tells you the incorrect corner.


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Works, a little buggy , Aug 3, 2012
Review written by Jesse C - see all my reviews (6)

When I first installed the script, it didn't appear to do anything except refresh the page. (Latest firefox, greasemonkey) ((problem replicated on a second PC)) Cleared cookies to no avail, messed with some other settings until I found out changing the language setting at the bottom of the page made the layout go haywire, reversed the change, then promptly fixed itself. I'm really not knowledgeable in these areas, but if anyone has a problem similar to mine I suggest you start there.

In any case, thank you for the wonderful script.

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works well! , Nov 7, 2012
Review written by xEllie - see all my reviews (1)

I was able to switch back to the old YT layout, but one of the most important (for me) features is missing - the "x videos" button above the video, which you can click to get a list of the user's videos in chronological order.
Here's a comparison of the old layout in Chrome (no script needed) and old layout in Firefox:

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hebat , Aug 27, 2013
Review written by mebel jati - see all my reviews (1)

Ini tidak persis apa yang tertulis di kaleng dan prefek untuk mengembalikan aneh baru gui dari Youtube. Terima kasih!
mebel jepara
jangan lupa kunjungi web saya .
mebel jati


5 stars
Mp3 converter , Oct 3, 2012
Review written by Eric Myers - see all my reviews (10)

hi is this similar to this mp3 converter script?

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5 stars
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doesnt work , Jul 31, 2012
Review written by blooblabb23 - see all my reviews (13)

doesnt work at all on firefox at the moment

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