Picasa web Image Direct Links

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// ==UserScript==
// @name           Picasa web Image Direct Links
// @namespace      Swashata
// @version        1.4.4
// @author	   Team Blakut
// @description    Get the Picasa Direct Image Links at the right hand side of the Album page! Click and they will pop-up in a new Tab
// @include        http://picasaweb.google.*/*/*
// ==/UserScript==

//get all script tags
var scripts=document.getElementsByTagName('script');

//define what to search for (start and end)
var searchFor='\"plain\",\"';
var endFor=',\"height\"';

for (var i=0; i<scripts.length; i++) {
  //does the searchstring exists in the script text?
  if (scripts[i].text.indexOf(searchFor)>0) {
     var scriptText=scripts[i].text;
     var y=0;

     //cut every text between start and end out of the script text
     while(scriptText.indexOf(searchFor)>0) {
       var whole=scriptText.substring(scriptText.indexOf(searchFor)+searchFor.length);

//I have cut the whole to avoid conflict after the next loop

	var searchForlink='\"content\":[{\"url\":\"';
	var endForlink='\"';

	var link=scriptText.substring(scriptText.indexOf(searchForlink)+searchForlink.length);

	var searchForname='\"plain\",\"title\":\"';

	var naming=scriptText.substring(scriptText.indexOf(searchForname)+searchForname.length);
//Remove the extensions
	naming=naming.replace(/.gif/gi, "");
	naming=naming.replace(/.png/gi, "");
	naming=naming.replace(/.jpg/gi, "");
	naming=naming.replace(/.jpeg/gi, "");

       //create a new text link with the cutted text= link, naming
       var b = document.createTextNode(y +'. ');
       var a = document.createElement('a');
			a.setAttribute("href", link);
			a.setAttribute("target", "_blank");
			a.setAttribute("class", "dLink");
			a.setAttribute("title", 'Direct Image Link of '+naming+' by-Swashata');

//now its time to redefine scriptText excluding the used part!


//Made by Swashata
//Ultimately Learned JS :D
//Quick Note indexOf() gives the position in no. of the given string first encountered
//Took the idea from this script to match my needs http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/39853
//Auto Updater///
// Copyleft Michael Medley <medleymind@gmail.com>, All Wrongs Reserved
CheckScriptForUpdate = {
  // Config values, change these to match your script
 id: '42775', // Script id on Userscripts.org
 days: 2, // Days to wait between update checks
 name: /\/\/\s*@name\s*(.*)\s*\n/i.exec(scr_meta)[1],
 version: /\/\/\s*@version\s*(.*)\s*\n/i.exec(scr_meta)[1],
 time: new Date().getTime() | 0,
 call: function(response) {
      method: 'GET',
	  url: 'http://userscripts.org/scripts/source/'+this.id+'.meta.js',
	  headers: {
	  'User-agent': window.navigator.userAgent,
	    'Accept': 'application/atom+xml,application/xml,text/xml',
	  onload: function(xpr) {CheckScriptForUpdate.compare(xpr,response);}
 compare: function(xpr,response) {
    if ( (this.xversion != this.version) && (confirm('A new version of the '+this.xname+' user script is available. Do you want to update?')) ) {
      GM_setValue('updated', this.time);
    } else if ( (this.xversion) && (this.xversion != this.version) ) {
      if(confirm('Do you want to turn off auto updating for this script?')) {
	GM_setValue('updated', 'off');
	GM_registerMenuCommand("Auto Update "+this.name, function(){GM_setValue('updated', new Date().getTime() | 0);CheckScriptForUpdate.call('return');});
	alert('Automatic updates can be re-enabled for this script from the User Script Commands submenu.');
      } else {
	GM_setValue('updated', this.time);
    } else {
      if(response) alert('No updates available for '+this.name);
      GM_setValue('updated', this.time);
 check: function() {
if (GM_getValue('updated', 0) == 0) GM_setValue('updated', this.time);
if ( (GM_getValue('updated', 0) != 'off') && (+this.time > (+GM_getValue('updated', 0) + (1000*60*60*24*this.days))) ) {
    } else if (GM_getValue('updated', 0) == 'off') {
      GM_registerMenuCommand("Enable "+this.name+" updates", function(){GM_setValue('updated', new Date().getTime() | 0);CheckScriptForUpdate.call(true);});
    } else {
      GM_registerMenuCommand("Check "+this.name+" for updates", function(){GM_setValue('updated', new Date().getTime() | 0);CheckScriptForUpdate.call(true);});
if (self.location == top.location && GM_xmlhttpRequest) CheckScriptForUpdate.check();