Endless Tweets

By Mislav Marohnić Last update Oct 30, 2009 — Installed 217,032 times.

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Jesse Andrews Admin

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Mislav Marohnić Script's Author

I know why is it happening. I still don't have an idea how to solve it, however. Because of technical limitations, checking for updates is fairly limited.

What you can do to solve it for yourself is delete the "updateAvailable" entry from the config.

Chrisbloom7 User

Were you able to diagnose the "Endless Update Notice" issue? It still appears on Twitter pages.

Chrisbloom7 User

Here they are:

greasemonkey.scriptvals.http://mislav.caboo.se//Endless Tweets.lastReadTweet;974041760
greasemonkey.scriptvals.http://mislav.caboo.se//Endless Tweets.updateAvailable;17495
greasemonkey.scriptvals.http://mislav.caboo.se//Endless Tweets.updateTimestamp;1222365658

Mislav Marohnić Script's Author

Hey Chris, thanks for the report. It sounds like a bug. Can you email me the persistent values belonging to the script? On Firefox, go to "about:config" and filter by a keyword like "endless". On WebKit they are cookies on the twitter domain beginning with "_greasekit"

Chrisbloom7 User

I keep uninstalling and reinstalling this script, but it ALWAYS reports "“Endless Tweets” user script has updates. Get the upgrade" Should that message go away?

Mislav Marohnić Script's Author

Thanks, Damir. Rolled out an update.

Damir Zekić Scriptwright

Stopped marking already read tweets, so I had to change line 79:

timelineBody = timeline.tBodies[0],
timelineBody = $('timeline_body'),

They added new tbody#timeline_for_update to the table#timeline which broke the script. Seems they are going to push tweets.

Bajal Scriptwright

Just made my twitLife easier. Good Job!

innit4theminute Scriptwright

but that doesn't auto-page search twitter

innit4theminute Scriptwright

http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/32616 is a search twitter link.

Mislav Marohnić Script's Author

Hold on to your pants!! Endless Tweets are now supported on GreaseKit -- that means you can run this beauty on Safari and Fluid! Fluid is especially nice, because now you have the option to enable polling for new updates and get a Growl notification for your friends' new tweets.

Could your life possibly get any better?

Dr Nic Scriptwright

I think this is my favourite greasemonkey script

Mislav Marohnić Script's Author

Have no fear! I've updated the script following the Twitter interface changes. (Damn their table layouts!)

aparachitt Scriptwright

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Mislav Marohnić Script's Author

New feature: Google maps for people with geo coordinates for location. Great for stalking iPhone users.

Javad697 User

Not bad, actually very good.

Mislav Marohnić Script's Author

I won't adopt this script for Digg because it's focuses on Twitter usability, but there are plenty of other generic-pagination scripts; you can search here and see if one of them supports Digg.

Uzd4ce User

Can this be adapted to have Digg.com scroll endlessly? or does such a script already exist?

darrinholst Scriptwright

If anyone gets a login form instead of the next page of tweets, make sure you have 3rd party cookies enabled. It stumped me for awhile.

matstace User

Sorry for the delay in replying - it seems it was a problem with my pc/webcache/something totally random picking up a cached old version of the script. Installed on my laptop when I was at a different location, and it all works fine - feel free to call me a muppet ;-)

Mislav Marohnić Script's Author

Mat, that bug has been long-fixed by Jurjan-Paul. Are you saying it happens to you? Go to "Greasemonkey > User script commands" in Firefox, turn on debug mode and open "JavaScript/Error console" on "notices" view. Then scroll on Twitter and you will see helpful debug info.

matstace User

It certainly seems to have fixed the firefox hanging problem (FF2 in XP SP3 at least, will check in linux later on when I reboot), but it still has the bug where instead of going from page 19 to 20 it goes from 19 to 110.

Mislav Marohnić Script's Author

Hopefully I have fixed strange freezing/crashing in Firefox when the next page is about to preload. Please test the script and report to me if there are any more troubles.

Mislav Marohnić Script's Author

Now updated for new Twitter.com UI. Some quirks resolved, some CSS tweaked. Enjoy!