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matgeek User

Hey aidos,

I've been using this script with Safari and NinjaKit for a year or two now and it has been working perfectly... Suddenly in the last week or so, whenever I attempt to send a torrent to my server, it gets endlessly hung-up on the "Downloading..." stage, without timing out or erroring out.

I just updated my script to the newest version and still no change.

Any ideas?


aidos_ Script's Author

Sorry, only saw your message now, for some reason doesn't notify me of new discussions...

It would help if you gave me a example of link that fails :)

Anyway, there's apparently a bug in latest NinjaKit, at least it doesn't work for me either, and when I traced it, it appears not to be behaving properly, notably it either doesn't send cookies to the Deluge server or doesn't save cookies received from the Deluge server. So not much I can do, except advise you to either use something other than NinjaKit, or get another browser and use Firefox, it's garanteed to work, it's what I use :)