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[fixed] issue with big collections ???

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MeinDummy Scriptwright

Hi Jesus,

great script. Adds a functionality that I missed the most.
However, it seems that it has trouble with my main collection (4722 releases).
After like 20-30min execution time it says "Error 503 while loading related stuffs."
I tried 3 times so far and it seems that the error does not always occur while working on the same MB entity.
For a smaller collection (67 releases) it worked just fine. But after the above error, some elements of the smaller collection (which is a subset of the big one) were not highlighted anymore.


jesus2099 Script's Author

During the (very long) collection loading time, you must not do any other MB page loading at all.
Just to check, did you make sure not to do anything else on mb.org while loading ?
If so, open the script and change the following setting to higher value (like try 2000 for instance) : var MBWSRate = 1000; (but your total collection loading time will get very long.

As soon as I can, I will add a limited-retry-on-503-error code (longer coding time but obviously better solution).

Please also give me the collection link (if public) ! :)

edit : I eventually added the retry and slowdown feature in new version 2012-03-01_1728.
At each retry, it will slow down by 200 ms.
By mistake I let the initial rate to 800 ms instead of 1000 ms as before.
Could you try the new version and confirm if it works or not and then if yes, you could rename this thread to something like “[fixed] issue with big collections”. (^_~;)

MeinDummy Scriptwright

I did not do any other MB page loading. The import was running when noone was using the PC.
However, I tried again with the latest version of the script and the issue is fixed now without changing the MBWSRate value. Thank you.

Here is the import summary:
Saving 4549 release-groups into local storage (j2userjs126380release-groups)… OK.
Saving 50144 recordings into local storage (j2userjs126380recordings)… OK.
Saving 5454 artists into local storage (j2userjs126380artists)… OK.

Collection succesfully loaded in local storage.

P.S.: Can I somehow copy that local storage from one PC to another?

jesus2099 Script's Author

Of course it’s possible. (^_~;)

Hint : Copy big collection from computer A to computer B

  1. Install MB. local storage manager on A and B (at least version 2012-03-02_1103)
  2. Readj2userjs126380* keys from A’s local storage
  3. Send them to B (📧 e-mail,  floppy disc, etc.)
  4. Write them on B’s local storage

MeinDummy Scriptwright

I haven't tried importing it on another PC yet but I guess it won't work because the key content pop-up windows in the local storage manager seem to be limited to 10000 characters.
The sizes I got after loading my big collection are between 168313 (RG) and 1855328 (Rec) characters.

jesus2099 Script's Author

You’re right.
I actually noticed it, my Opera was limited to max 65 530 characters (a bit more but not enough).
I will change the local storage manager to better editor which will hopefully manage any size.
I’ll edit this post when done. :)

edit: Done in new version 2012-03-05_1305 of MB. local storage manager.

If it works now, you could rename this topic to [fixed] something, thanks (only you can rename). ;)

MeinDummy Scriptwright

It's working now. Great job. Thank you.