Sorry, this site needs an abuse button

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Alexander Le... Scriptwright

Currently there is a "script" posting on top of the list that purports to be a Facebook Account Hacker, which is probably either malware or phishing.

There is no direct way to report a posting as harmful, even though there were 1-2 issues marking it as harmful or spam already.

firepol Scriptwright

you are right, it sucks when spammers post their crap in your script page, as comment, review or discussion or whatever. or even worse when they upload malware script. See "feedback & support" button bottom right, I searched if somebody posted something about this problem and found this:

I also posted my idea:

If you create an account and login you can also vote this. Do it, more votes, the better. This site definitively needs a spam control.

ASYLUMSERVE Scriptwright

I also have alot of users posting spam comments on my scripts, there needs to be a way to remove/remort these annoying posts as they are not helpful what so ever.

Jefferson Scher Scriptwright

This script adds a "Report Spam" feature to many parts of the site:

(On spam reviews, you might need to click the comments link for a review to view the review by itself before you get the Report Spam link.)