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leo88 User

How is it supposed to work there? I don't see any difference with and without this script on Google Images. Links and images themselves still contain Google redirection for me.

Pokerface Script's Author

Well, actually, I mean the script now support 'Google search by image' instead of 'Google Image search'. The redirection of Google image search is sometimes useful (help you find the origin size of a picture) compared with other Google's link redirection which aims at tracking users' action merely.
Of course I can delete the redirection links from Google Image, but I don't see there is any necessity.

leo88 User

Thx for clearing that up!
I agree with you, it's not necessary.
Love your script by the way!

skycreeper User

when I do a search of "bernard" or anything in google images

all the images would link to http://bernard

here's a screenshot

why is it like that?

Pokerface Script's Author

Hi, skycreeper
Here in my environment it is OK. Do you use the latest script? Does this bug appears every time? Can you provide the exact URL on which these errors happens?

KingBier User

same here Pokerface with the google images skycreeper explained!
there is always the searching word after the http:// when i click a picture :/
can you repair it?
(my solution is to cut out the part of google images but this is not the best -.-

i think the problem is here in this switch:

// for Google Image Redirection
switch ($urlType) {
case 1 : // image reference url
google_url_reg = /^(?:https?:\/\/.+\.google\..+)?\/imgres\?(?:(?!imgrefurl)\w+=[^&]*&)*(?:imgrefurl)=((?:https?(?::\/\/|%3A%2F%2F))?[^&]+).*$/i;
default :
google_url_reg = /^(?:https?:\/\/.+\.google\..+)?\/(?:(?:local_)?url|imgres)\?(?:(?!url|q|imgurl)\w+=[^&]*&)*(?:url|q|imgurl)=((?:https?(?::\/\/|%3A%2F%2F))?[^&]+).*$/i;

Pokerface Script's Author

Will be fixed soon. (if I succeed to trigger this problem)

XtremeRampage User

I also had similar problem with Google Images in the variant of Firefox (with Greasemonkey) and SRWare Iron (a Chrome browser modification) with Tampermonkey.

I'm not sure if it can help but I opened the Error Console which can be opened at Firefox via Tools > Web Developer and got this error:

along with:

Pokerface Script's Author

OK. Thank you, guys. But here is the situation, that currently I am incapable of triggering this error, so I am unable to find where the problem is. If you are able to provide the following information, that will be helpful.

1st make sure you are using the latest Straight Google.

1. Which version of Firefox/Chrome do you use? if Chrome, do you install this extension with/without Tempermonkey?
2. Does this bug appears every time you visit Google Image? If not, can you describe what you have done before this error appears? Or, if this error happens on a specific URL, can you provide the URL?
3. If convenient, can any of you contact with me using Email? (so that I can follow this issue and send you updated test script) My email is kevixw 'at'

Again, thank you.

KingBier User

thanks for solving the image problem, now another little one :D
so when i search an image i see the results and go with mouse on one of them.
then the picture goes big.
the problem here is when u look at the url.
when you click this picture then the href-url in the next tab/window is not the same which is displayed when you move over the picture with the mouse.
so sometimes it crashes then and doesnt show the real url of the picture.
it adds some long variable part/strings like


idk :D

can you solve this please?

Pokerface Script's Author

Hi! KingBier,

Can you make a screenshot for me? I don't really get the problem. What do you mean by 'the href-url in the next tab/window is not the same'?

and where does the long strings appear?

KingBier User

ok here are the screenshots:


1. I move the mouse over the image and the url is shown.
2. I clicked the image and a new tab opened (normal), but the url at the top is different!

i hope you understand it now ;)

Pokerface Script's Author

Does this happens every time? happens to every picture? What's URL that this problem shows up?

Are you using Firefox?

KingBier User

it happens to every picture i click :(

I dont understand this part "What's URL that this problem shows up?"

yes im using the newest firefox.

KingBier User

and another issue:
if you drag a picture into the google image search bar and see the results the pictures have the google-href-links and not the originals.
here's a screenshot:

may u can solve this too ;)

Pokerface Script's Author

seems that google images has updated and the long string stuff just appears not long ago. I am on it.

p1nky User

Hello, I got the long string behind the original links also.
Perhaps a similar script like yours can help to be a reference: However when I tried using it in the new Google Images, it always freezes my Firefox, therefore I have to use the basic version. That is the disadvantages of that script and why I like yours better :)
But I hope I can be any of help :)

Pokerface Script's Author

Thanks. I am still looking for a perfect solution. I want to remove the redirection links while keep the original ones at the same time.