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YousableTubeFix + YT timecodes

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Welfman sent me the following question by PM:

Hello Mindeye.

I'd like to ask you, if timecodes for YT-videos are supposed to work or if you planned to implement these.

The reason for this is, I just tried to jump to a timecode (added hash-attribute in the url) and the page fired up, jumped to the timecode and started to buffer, but then refreshed and began to buffer from timecode 0:00.

Try for yourself, if you like.



That happens because the code to prevent autoplay and do autobuffering seeks the video to the beginning to rewind the video played before the script paused it. I can add code to seek the player to the appropriate time in future versions, so this can be fixed.

PD: Please send your suggestions/questions/support requests to the script forum instead of via PM. I find it easier to track them if they are posted here.