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Youtube new_background error

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romanianusa User

Anyone have this problem? See example link.

I can't get rid of this damm ads and it only happened when i am viewing certain 1080p video.
If i am viewing 720p video or any other lower format, it doesn't generate the background. I suspect it has something to do with this script but i don't know.

Default video size i used is "MAX" on the script. Let me give you some examples:
1080p with Youtube ads generated =1380 x483
1080p with Youtube ads generated = 1380x583
1080p without Youtube ads generated= 1307x510
1080p without Youtube ads generated=1307x616

EDIT: Ok, i think i know what happened....your ads blocking option is not working, that's why it shows the background pages in 1080p. When i use your script along with Youtube HD works! So you fix your ads blocking script.