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Crash Report

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mustangfan1995 Scriptwright

Starting BWP debug log
BWP version: 2012.01.19
HTML lang: en
Body class: date-20120120 en_US ltr thumb-normal
Direction: ltr
Page class: watch
Stop script if not proper YT video page
Stop if already running conflicting script
Check for HTML5 video
Page has HTML5 video
Old or New Youtube?
This is Old Youtube
Constructing crash notification
Adding JS to page
Function: determineLanguage
End function: determineLanguage
Function: setUpLanguage
End function: setUpLanguage
Checking GM support
Supports GM
Finished GM check
Checking @require worked
@require worked
Finished @require check
Function: defineSettings
End function: defineSettings
Going to import settings and add to GM menu
function: fetchCurrentSettings
function: convertOldSettings
End function: convertOldSettings
End function: fetchCurrentSettings
Finished import and GM menu
Constructing settings screen
Function: setUpConfig
End function: setUpConfig
Made GM setting screen
Making settings button
Settings button done
Starting general processes
Change video player, based on setting
This is an HTML5 video

Takato Script's Author

Thanks for the report - Looks like Youtube made a minor change to the HTML5 video player which made BWP crash on any HTML5 video page. It should now be fixed, but let me know if it still happens.