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By Elad Ossadon Last update Jun 9, 2011 — Installed 75,255 times.

no more news displayed

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billou2k User

For a few weeks I have had no news items displayed at all when the script is active.
The filter settings box appears, the list of rss as well but no item is listed.
Did anything change in google's layout that would cause the script to fail?
I use the latest opera (I haven't changed version since it stopped working)
and when I remove the script from the script folder, google reader works again.
Anybody with the same issue?

lechuck User

yes, same here (Opera 11.52) no more items since last week (only the box on the upper-right corner). Please fix it..

billou2k User

For info: Now with Opera 11.61. still not working.
I'd have a look at the source if I had time but I don't:p
Seems to be the same for the script author:p