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hide moon in galaxy

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pietrasiak Scriptwright

so now when we have fixed moon size in galaxy for Opera it`s added title to moon before size. it`s make visual problem when two moons are near together (break rows :/) but the tittle it`s need to see own moon when we go to galaxy from moon. it`s simple fix by adding empty space:

showMoon: function (row)
var size = Utils.$(row).find ('span#moonsize');
if (size.length && Options.galaxy_HideMoon) {

Utils.$ (row).find('.moon .tipsGalaxy img').hide().parent().append(Utils.$('

' + '' + Utils.$(size).text() + '
Utils.$ (row).find('span#moonsize').hide();

after that we can remove: Options.Interface.lbl_Moon it`s no need

Vess Scriptwright

How does the empty space help? It's no more visible than the lack of picture. :-)

We used a somewhat different approach - now we display only the title and the moon size - without "km" after the size. This way the text should fit into two lines and wouldn't look too ugly even when the moons are on adjacent positions.

Warlock8 Script's Author

The code was changed so that for the moon with which we went to the viewing of the galaxy shows Options.Interface.lbl_Moon since there is no element of such a moonsize. Display a picture for it is not logical, because we disabled the output image for the moons ;)
Text size decreased and now has a better for moons are near together.